Several arrests were made outside CitiGroup’s headquarters in New York City after climate change protestors blocked entrances to the building during a protest.

Roughly 150 people attended the ‘New York Communities for Change’ and ‘Stop the Money Pipeline’ protests, resulting in 24 arrests by with New York City police. Climate change activists were protesting over the bank’s financial backing of oil, gas and coal industries.

A Citi spokesperson said in a statement:

“While we respect the right to protest, activists do not have the right to prevent people from entering our building or customers from entering our branch. The activists were given the opportunity to protest peacefully but they chose to continue to prevent people from coming to work.”

The spokesperson added: “The NYPD responded and restored access to our building for our employees and clients.”

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According to U.S. News, protestors accused the banks of being “climate criminals” a day before the lenders are scheduled to hold their annual shareholder meetings.

“The largest banks in the world invest hundreds of billions of dollars in new fossil fuel infrastructure,” said Jim Gordon, one of the protesters outside the Citigroup office in midtown Manhattan. “I’m not generally a person that likes to go out in the street and do things like this, but I have grandkids and I’m terrified for their future,” Gordon said.

A Citigroup employee cleaned windows sprayed with messages, including “Climate criminal” and “Save the Amazon.”

The protestors also intended to target JP Morgan Chase and Co’s annual meeting.

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