If you’re a small business owner or know a business owner, you’ve witnessed how hard it is to start or run a business. Not only does it take a lot of time, but it also takes money. This holiday season, if you’re preparing to start a business or trying to figure out what to buy your friend or loved one who just started a business, this list is for you.

Every good business owner needs a journal. Even if they have one, the pages are most likely full of ideas and to-do -lists.

Something else to consider is a business owner’s time. They only have a little of it, so get something useful like a subscription box service. Whenever they receive the small box in the mail, it will serve as a reminder to take care of themselves or relax.

Another much-appreciated gift would be investing in a graphic designer to create the business logo. If they are working on getting a new website design, consider offering to pay for it. Because there are so many themes, you should let them pick one themselves.

Last, online courses are a great gift to give. Personal development is a major key to success for entrepreneurs. It’s also a way to help pay for something that may be too expensive for a new business owner. It also allows them to learn at their own pace without taking time off.
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