If you’re looking for a correlation why Chinese students leave high school more qualified in math, science and other core educational categories, here’s one reason; kids and teens under 18 years old will only be allowed to play video games a maximum of three hours per week. 

It’s one of the new rules that was published by the National Press and Public Administration of China. 

On top of giving more time for kids to focus on academics, athletics, or other extra curricular actives, this move is a huge blow to Chinese gaming companies.  Investors are freaked out by this new rule, and billions of dollars in valuations were shedded from the biggest tech stocks in China. 

Here’s another detail of the new rule. Kids will be allowed one hour a day, between 8 and 9 p.m. on Fridays through Sundays, and on legal holidays. 

The way the are rule will be enforced and related is by online gaming companies can only make those games available those hours. Kids 18 and under also have to log in and be confirmed by the gaming companies with their real0name registration, so they can’t supersede the rules by using a different name or account. 

This is a huge reduction in the time Chinese children will be allowed to play video games. The rule before the new one allowed them to play 1.5 hours almost any day. 

Tencent and NetEase are the big Chinese gaming companies this new rule will affect the most. 

The Chinese government has referred to online gaming as “opium” in the past, so these tough new restrictions are not a shock. 

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