Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy had his postgame snack served by his players Tuesday night when a pair of them dumped a Gatorade cooler of Cheez-Its over Gundy’s head to celebrate the Cowboys’ Cheez-It Bowl victory.

“Some say the mullet comes off as cheesy … we’ll agree with them this time,” the Cheez-It Bowl tweeted with a photo of the mullet-donning coach smothered in crackers.

That is a much better alternative for the coach than an icy, artificially colored shower of Gatorade. All Gundy had to do was fish some Cheez-Its out from under his clothes after freshman receiver Brennan Presley and senior safety Tre Sterling did the dump.

It came with some searching, though, as the broadcast cameras caught the player pair on a mission to find Gundy for a few seconds. They finally spotted the coaches’ handshake at midfield and waited for him to finish before surprising Gundy, who smiled in relief once he realized it was a dry dump.

“Well, that Cheez-It bath is much better than the ice-cold Gatorade at my age,” Gundy said after his team’s 37-34 win against Miami. “I can promise you that.”

And it’s also better than the French fry–Gatorade combo that Nevada coach Jay Norvell got at the end of his team’s Famous Idaho Potato Bowl win. That one came with a penalty because fries were on the field before the game was over.

Given the trend, there should be some concern for what coach could get hit by a tire after Oklahoma and Florida play in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl. A safer bet would be to be the winning coach for Wake Forest or Wisconsin after the Duke’s Mayo Bowl.

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