Did you know that beer has been around for thousands of years? Talk about staying power; it’s still one of the most popular drinks worldwide.  And while it’s no mystery that Americans love their barley and hops, there’s one country that soaks up more suds than us; China. 

The reason there are three Major League Baseball stadiums named after beer companies is that they turn massive profits. The total consumption of beer in 2020 was 177 million kiloliters. 

That’s almost 47 billion gallons. 

Kirin Holdings is the company that tracks beer consumption, and they released a study that shows how much each country chugs. 

China drinks 20% of the global market share.  The US is second at over 13%, and Brazil is third at nearly 8%.

Did you know beer was so popular in China? According to Kirin Holdings, the amount of beer the country consumed in 2020 would fill over 14,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. 

There are more people in China than in any other country, so that skews their total consumption numbers, so let’s look at beer consumption per capita.  That is where you can find out which country is really into beer. 

The winner, by far, is The Czech Republic. The average citizen there enjoyed more than 181 liters of beer in 2020.  That translates into 510 bottles of beer per year per citizen. 

If you love beer, keep your calendar open in about a year on the first Friday of August. It’s International Beer Day, celebrated in over 200 cities around the world. 

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