Ye, the artist and business mogul formerly known as Kanye West, ran into his personal trainer Harley Pasternak at a hotel in Dubai, leading to a confrontation with security.

Ye has been recording a new album over the last few months, first in Italy and then in Saudi Arabia. According to TMZ, Ye went to Dubai to see his family for Thanksgiving and checked into the Atlantis Royal Hotel.

Harley Pasternak, a personal trainer whose clients include many A-List Hollywood celebrities, was seen at the same hotel Ye is staying at. This is strange, because last fall Ye posted texts from Pasternak in which the trainer threatened to take away his children if he did not comply with his psychiatric prescriptions. This led many to speculate that Pasternak is really a paid celebrity handler that works under the guise of a personal trainer. This was backed up by Pasternak’s background, which includes service at a Canadian intelligence agency.

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Initial reports on the Dubai incident said Ye was of the belief that Pasternak was stalking him. “We have grave concerns as to what this creepy operative is doing in Ye’s hotel,” a source alleged to be involved with Ye told The Daily Mail. “The timing is extremely suspect. We are very concerned indeed about his motives and intentions. This is the man who threatened to “drug Ye to Zombieland.” Why has he suddenly shown up here?”

A follow up report from tabloid TMZ claimed Ye took out his phone and began recording Pasternak, who was at the front desk attempting to make a reservation at the hotel restaurant. Pasternak reportedly owns multiple hotels in the Middle East and frequently travels to Dubai. Ye reportedly approached Pasternak and tried to make amends by embracing him, but Pasternak rebuked it. Hotel staff asked Pasternak if he needed security, and he said yes.

Ye and his team had already left by the time security showed up.

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