At this year’s Chapter Leadership Summit (CLS) for Turning Point USA, the campus conservative group founded by Charlie Kirk, conservative commentator Candace Owens was greeted by a chant of “Christ is King.” Owens championed the slogan in the weeks leading up to her firing from media network The Daily Wire, co-founded by Ben Shapiro.

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As Valuetainment previously reported, Owens’ three years at the Daily Wire ended in March following months of tension between the her and the network’s owners and personalities. The subject of the Israel-Hamas war proved to be a particularly divisive issue for Owens and Shapiro. Owens has taken a firm stance against American involvement in foreign wars, including the one Israel is waging in Gaza; Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, has criticized other conservatives for their waning support for both Israel and Ukraine, stressing America’s national security interests in both conflicts.

After multiple social media clashes between the two, Owens’ departure was announced by Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing, who said simply that “Daily Wire and Candace Owens have ended their relationship.” Later that day, Owens wrote that “the rumors are true—I am finally free.”

Conservative news and commentary outlet The Daily Wire reportedly obtained a gag order against former podcast host Candace Owens, despite company co-founder Ben Shapiro claiming that he wanted to debate her on the Israel-Palestine issue.

The gag order hearing reportedly occurred as part of an exchange of legal threats between the two parties, stemming from various Daily Wire executives and hosts disparaging Owens as an antisemite. One such instance came in the form of a one-hour monologue from podcast host Andrew Klavan, who labeled Owens’ use of the expression “Christ is King” an antisemitic canard.

Candace had tweeted the phrase during her indirect back-and-forth with Ben Shapiro, when she shared Bible verses condoning “peacemakers” amid the war in Gaza.

She again posted it in March, saying “every knee will bow” to Jesus Christ.

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