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In this video I’m speaking to two different audiences. One is the Valuetainer, the entrepreneur that follows Valuetainment for content around entrepreneurship. The other one is an individual. He’s the founder and CEO of Twitter and Square. He’s a billionaire, recognized by MIT, by educators and by entrepreneurs around the world, Jack Dorsey. My intention for this video is to show the value of Twitter, and what needs to happen so Twitter can avoid being the next Myspace.

#1: Presents Both Sides of an Argument – 2:08

#2: Breaking News – 3:05

#3: Tracking Trends – 3:24

#4: Customer Service – 3:43

#5: Following a Celebrity 4:19

#6: Short – 4:27

#7: Outreach to People Interested in Your Product – 4:37

#8: Traffic to Site – 5:12

Twitter Stats – 5:28

Arguments to make for Twitter, what are some of the stats? – 10:23

4 main points

#1: Clean House – 15:10

#2: Focus on Businesses – 16:11

#3: Actively Recruit the Right People – 16:44

#4: Recruit a Killer in the Marketplace – 18:34

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