He’s the most famous American soccer coach and is not a real person. 

Of course, I’m talking about Ted Lasso; the title character played to perfection by Jason Sudeikis in the Apple TV show of the same name. 

In the fictional hit show, Ted Lasso is a little-known small college football coach in the United States who is hired to take over an English Premier League team. 

In real life, inspirational messages written by Ted Lasso have been turned into messages on giant billboards, and they appeared in the hometowns of the Men’s team now playing in Qatar in the World Cup. 

Cities like San Diego, Brooklyn, Baton Rouge, Seattle, and others around the country had words of encouragement written on bold, yellow billboards meant for the team members to see before heading to the Middle East. 

It’s very creative. If the Americans can find a way to defeat Iran on Monday, they will move on to the round of 16, and maybe there will be more folksy messages from Ted waiting for them in Qatar as they try to shock the world.  If they don’t, they will fly home and probably try to avoid those billboards if they are still up in their hometowns.

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