According to, recent studies show that two-thirds of full-time workers have experienced burnout. 84% of Millennials say they’ve experienced burnout in their present position. During the pandemic, baby boomers reporting burnout increased from 24% to 31%. Gen Xer burnout rates grew to 54% during the pandemic. If you’re not sure you’re experiencing burnout, it is described by the World Health Organization as an occupational phenomenon that occurs because of unmanaged chronic workplace stress.
If you’re experiencing burnout, the holiday season is the time to try and reset to get rid of it. According to Forbes, there are 7 things to do during the holidays to help you detach psychologically from work and reset.

First, create an environment for optimal recovery. This means keeping your space free of distractions by removing work-related stuff from your sight during your free time.

Second, learn what prevents you from psychologically detaching from work. Turn off notifications, or leave your work phone at the office if that’s too far; at least leave it locked in the home office.
Next, replace work with an activity that you enjoy. Reading, running, or golf allows you to focus entirely or stay in flow and mentally disconnect from thoughts of work.

The fourth step, you should opt-in to high-effort recovery activities. This means gaining a hobby that requires mastery, like learning a new language or skill.

The fifth step should be number one on the list. Get some rest. Don’t forget resting can be more than sleep. You can also rest by doing things that take little thought, meditation, talking to a therapist or friend to release how you feel, or taking a break from electronics.

The sixth step is learning a system to reset. Meditation can be used at work as well. The last step is to contact a coach. Most companies offer this service. The coach can support you through your recovery and help you stay on track with self-care.


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