Remember the version of CNN when it was oddly obsessed with all things Trump under the regime of Jeff Zucker? Yeah, it won’t be anything like that going forward. The new leaders are more interested in two old-fashioned concepts called “profits” and “ratings.”

Chris Licht calls the shots now.  He started his new gig on May 2nd, and one of his top agenda items is how the network uses its “Breaking News” banner, according to a CNBC report. 

Licht is old school and prefers the dramatic header that only comes out when there’s something substantial and newsworthy to report. 

Here’s part of the memo he wrote to staff that CNBC got their hands on. 

“This is a great starting point to try to make ‘Breaking News’ mean something BIG is happening. We are truth-tellers, focused on informing, not alarming our viewers. You’ve already seen far less of the ‘Breaking News’ banner across our programming. The tenor of our voice holistically has to reflect that.”

Licht is the President of CNN, and he reports to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, who was also perturbed at what the legendary news network had become. He recently said CNN needs a more measured take on the news for “a civilized society” and wanted to get away from what it had become; an “advocacy” network. 

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