Tom Brady has thrown some pretty important passes during a Hall of Fame career, but perhaps none so risky as the one he attempted on Wednesday.

The parade down the Hillsborough River in Tampa was rife with celebratory beverages — any party including Rob Gronkowski is, by every definition, entertaining — and the excitement was not lost on Brady, whose Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Sunday’s Super Bowl LV.

Brady launched the Lombardi Trophy over open water, from his boat to a boat ferrying Tampa pass-catchers including Gronkowski.

NFL executives and Tampa coaches, staff and ownership likely held their collective breath as the iconic prize flipped through the air, ultimately caught by an unidentified “sailor” aboard.

It’s not surprising to see the pass completed, given that Brady threw three TD passes, two to tight end Gronkowski, in the 31-9 victory. It was Brady’s seventh career Super Bowl title and comes in his first year after 20 years with the New England Patriots.

Brady’s former coach Belichick had to have been amused, right?

Brady arrived to the festivities in style on his $2 million boat before joining teammates in the parade — somewhat similar to his title celebrations with the Patriots on the water.

“There were Duck Boats before but it was freezing cold. It was nothing like this,” Brady said in a television interview tweeted by the Bucs. “This is perfect.”

An NBC Sports story suggested Brady was adequately numbed, and distanced from the land of good decisions:

“Tom needs to load up on some TB12 Electrolytes. The greatest quarterback of all time plans to return to the Bucs in 2021, but he may need a few days off before starting preparation for next season.”

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