Donald Trump likes to talk about things he’s done as president that have never been accomplished before. Well, add this to the list: having all your social media accounts blocked.

Facebook followed Twitter’s move, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally announced Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts would be blocked “indefinitely,” and for at least the next couple weeks leading up to Inauguration Day.

Facebook initially suspended his accounts, but took it up a notch Thursday, as Zuck explained in his statement. “We believe the risks of allowing the president to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great. Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete.”

Trump spoke directly to the huge crowd that gathered before the protest turned into a riot, and told his followers he wasn’t a fan of social media, despite using it so frequently. “Twitter’s bad news,” Trump said. “They’re all bad news. If you want to go through social media, big tech, if you’re a Republican or have a big voice, they shadowban you.” He added: “And it should be illegal.” 

According to Zuckerberg, he was convinced that Trump would use the time he has left in office to create chaos, so he lowered the boom. “His decision to use his platform to condone rather than condemn the actions of his supporters at the Capitol building has rightly disturbed people in the U.S. and around the world,” Zuckerberg said in his statement. “We removed these statements yesterday because we judged that their effect—and likely their intent—would be to provoke further violence.”

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