For anyone holding on to their beloved BlackBerry, hoping and wishing for the day when it will make a comeback and kick the iPhone to the curb, give up your dream. 

It’s over. 

On Tuesday, January 4, the company will stop running support for any old-school devices running Blackberry 10.7.1 OS and earlier.  So, all devices not running on Android software will not be able to use data, send texts, or get on the internet to check email. 

It won’t even work in an emergency if you need to call 911. 

Most of the world has moved on and forgotten about the good old BlackBerry; in fact, the last version of its operating system came out nine years ago, but the finality of the BlackBerry being officially over is tough for some people to swallow because, at the ten, the BlackBerry was considered’ leading-edge tech. 

BlackBerry has been pretty much out of the phone business for almost six years, but they did continue to license their brand to other phone manufacturers.  

Remember when BlackBerry was so popular that people referred to them as “CrackBerries?” The function and convenience of having a full keyboard were so enticing back in the late ’90s and 2000’s. 

In 2012, BlackBerry had over 80 million active users. 

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