It was just a couple of businessmen talking about business, you know, on a Hawaiian island largely owned by one of them (and it’s the less-rich of the pair).

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison apparently had some discussions, according to Musk’s Monday tweet that the meeting with Ellison was arranged so Musk could “seek some advice.”

It’s probably difficult to disguise one’s movements when using one’s private plane, so when Sunday’s news that the plane had arrived in Hawaii hit Twitter, Musk revealed his itinerary. He added that he would be “back working on Tesla end of quarter” on Tuesday after talking with Ellison—who is the second-largest individual shareholder in Tesla behind Musk and sits on the board.

Ellison relocated to Lanai, Hawaii, earlier this month, where he owns roughly 98% of the land, citing economic circumstances related to the state of California and Oracle’s move to Texas. Ellison, at No. 11 on the world’s wealthiest people list, shifted the company’s headquarters to Austin, Texas, from Redwood City, Calif. Earlier this month, Ellison told his staff about the move.

“I’ve received a number of inquiries about whether or not I will be moving to Texas,” Ellison wrote in a memo to Oracle’s employees. “The answer is no. I’ve moved to the state of Hawaii and I’ll be using the power of Zoom to work from the island of Lanai. Mahalo, Larry.”

Musk also recently disclosed he has relocated. He said he would move to Texas after choosing Austin for a Tesla factory. The electric-vehicle maker still maintains a factory in California, but Musk has expressed his displeasure with the state. 

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