Bill Maher has always been fearless. The HBO star, who used to host a program called “Politically Incorrect” on ABC is one of the few, or maybe the only major talk show host that doesn’t seem to have an agenda.

Instead, Maher relies on common sense and rational thinking. Which is probably making him less popular with his fellow left-leaning Democrat friends in L.A. and NYC. 

Especially his chums in the media. Maher has made a point of openly blasting hypocrisy, and he’s become a must watch for anyone that is skeptical of what they are being fed by the media. 

During Maher’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this week, Maher went all in, torching the media for what they’ve done during the pandemic. 

He blamed them for “scaring the s—-“ out of people through their fearmongering.  

The convo turned to COVID vaccinations, and Maher said he got COVID-19 after he was vaccinated.  He also told Kimmel he has no plans on getting the booster shot, and the reason he even took the vaccine was because he felt he had to. 

Maher then took a shot at Howard Stern, a close friend of Kimmel, and another one of the high-profile media personalities petrified to leave the house or interact with anyone not wearing three masks and holding a proof of vaccination card.

“I know you and your boyfriend, Howard Stern, are very paranoid about this, but it’s a little weird that I got it after, but now many, many, many people have had the same situation. 

“Bottom line is we know, if you’re vaccinated, you almost never die from it.”

Maher had more of an agenda than to simply mock the media sources he feels have lost their mind with their constant gloom and doom messaging.  He was sticking up for fellow comics and performers. 

“The reason why I’m bringing this up is because it’s much harder for every touring act to sell tickets in blue states. They’re afraid to go out of the house. In red states, it’s all good to go.

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