UPDATE: On Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris posted a video announcing the creation of the Office of Gun Violence Prevention, which she will oversee. Read below for further details.

President Joe Biden is preparing to announce the creation of the first federal office of gun violence prevention, according to administration sources. The new office, which the President is expected to unveil on Friday, will employ multiple gun control activists in an effort to leverage Congress into restricting citizens’ access to firearms.

As reported by the Washington Post, the Office of Gun Violence Prevention will coordinate regulation efforts at the federal and state levels, with a focus on implementing bipartisan gun control legislation. Senior members of multiple gun control groups, including the Community Justice Action Fund and Everytown for Gun Safety, will hold high-ranking positions in the office. White House staff secretary Stefanie Feldman, who specializes in gun control solutions, will oversee the organization on behalf of the Executive Branch.

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“A White House office of gun violence prevention would build on the already tremendous record of President Biden and Vice President Harris on gun safety,” said Peter Ambler, director of the Giffords gun control group. “This has been a top priority of ours for years, and it would provide an important center of gravity for leadership across the administration as the President and Vice President implement the historic Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and continue to push Congress to pass legislation to save lives.”

“The creation of an Office of Gun Violence Prevention in the White House will mark a turning point in how our federal government responds to an epidemic that plagues every state and every community in America,” said Kris Brown, president of the gun safety group Brady, which has reportedly been instrumental in creating the office.

Biden’s longtime goal of implementing gun restrictions, including “assault weapon” bans, restrictions on high-capacity magazines, and strengthening background check processes, has seen renewed discussion as the 2024 election approaches. This issue was also a foundational part of his 2020 campaign, but he has so far failed to pass the promised regulations during his time in office.


On Friday afternoon, Vice President Kamala Harris made a video statement on X announcing the expected creation of the Office of Gun Violence Prevention, which she will oversee on behalf of the Executive Branch.

“We are doing this work in large part because of the activism, the organizing, the marching, the voting, of all you leaders–be it students, teachers, parents, community leaders–who understand that living free from gun violence should be a right,” she said.

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