If you’re going to jeopardize your executive career and face national ridicule, I guess the least you could do is be memorable for it. I’m not sure if that was the initial game plan of Doug Ramsey, the Chief Operating Officer of Beyond Meat, but boy, what he did over the weekend is not going to be forgotten. 

The company announced Tuesday that they were suspending its COO, effective immediately, and it looks like it had a good reason if the reports out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, are accurate. 

Ramsey is facing third-degree battery and terroristic threatening charges in connection to an altercation after a Saturday football game between the Arkansas Razorbacks and Missouri State Bears. 

Ramsey bit a man’s nose in the fight. Yeah, you read that right. 

According to a police report, Ramsey was ticked when another driver inched in front of him in a traffic lane and lightly made contact with his Ford Bronco.  That triggered him to get out of SUV and punch through the back windshield of the driver’s car.  The driver exited the vehicle; Ramsey started beating the man, then bit the tip of his nose. 

Wait, there’s more; the unhinged football fan (Ramsey) threatened to kill the other man, according to witnesses. Thankfully, some other drivers could jump in and separate the two combatants. 

Ramsey has been a food man for a while.  Before joining Beyond Meat in 2021, he was at Tyson Foods. One of his responsibilities was supplying the chickens for the McNuggets. 

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