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In today’s episode, we cover President Trump’s latest town hall meeting and Amazon’s entry to the growing podcast world. Amazon is confident it will be a large contender in the space due to its tracking algorithm and unique Alexa compatibility.
We also discuss Ray Dalio’s take on government stimulus and how it can negatively impact the dollar. Similarly, the effect of interest rates remaining at near zero percent through 2023.
In other news, Mcdonald’s is selling out of burgers in light of their popular “Travis Scott” burger and FedEx reports big earnings this quarter.
On the political spectrum, Joe Biden attempts to relate with Hispanic voters at a rally by playing “Despacito” on his phone in front of the audience. However, President Trump retweets an edited version of the same clip of Biden playing “F*** The Police” instead.
We also discuss Tucker Carlson’s latest interview with Dr. Li-Meng Yan and her research indicating why COVID-19 originated in a lab.
You can watch us discussing all this and more on this latest episode of The Bet-David Podcast

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