Amazon is enacting its return policy to refuse the unwanted package that Sen. Bernie Sanders is sending the e-commerce giant.

Amazon rejected Sanders’ Tuesday delivery by Twitter, where he noted Amazon’s record 2020 profits and said “Amazon workers are risking their lives to fill holiday orders and are denied sick leave and hazard paid. This ugly corporate greed must end.”

Amazon responded by tweet from its corporate account, writing, “Still not true. We provide paid sick leave & comprehensive benefits for all full-time employees starting on their 1st day (and the benefits for hourly employees are the same ones our most senior execs get). Everyone makes at least $15/hr *double the federal minimum wage* and we’ve created more than 275,000 new jobs in the U.S. since the pandemic began.”

Amazon, the nation’s second-largest private employer, has added 1,400 jobs per day this year as it benefitted from the world shopping online more during the coronavirus pandemic. Sanders claimed that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos became $83 billion richer in the past nine months to now have a personal wealth of $187 billion.

Amazon employee groups staged walkouts at New York, Chicago and Detroit warehouses over working conditions in light of co-workers’ positive coronavirus tests. Protestors gathered outside Bezos’ $16-million Fifth Avenue apartment to note the billions he has earned while employees work in risky conditions.

Amazon recently claimed that its employee infection rate was 42% lower than its earlier estimate and the company has enhanced safety measures for cleaning, social distancing, personal protection gear and temperature checks globally.

Every day can be a Prime Day for Amazon employee safety.

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