Life would not suck if you could afford a pad inside Bentley Motors’ new ultra-luxurious residential high-rise in Miami, the company unveiled last week. 

When completed, it will be the tallest residential building on any American beachfront, rising 60-stories high into the neon-lit South Florida skyline. 

More than 200 luxury apartments will be housed inside the radically excellent cylindrical design. 

As for amenities? Get comfortable; the list is long and includes a private balcony, sauna, pool, outdoor shower, cinema, gym spa, restaurant, cigar lounge, cabanas, and my favorite perk in the place; a whisky bar. 

Sustainable luxury is a buzzword you’ll frequently hear if you tour the joint. It’s been designed in accordance with the Florida Green Building Council to make sure the environment isn’t harmed. 

Now, the important part.  How much does a condo cost? $4.2 million gets in on a lower floor, and you’ll be looking at eight figures for the big pads near the top.  Sizes range from 3,500 to 9,000 square feet.  

Start saving now if you want in because it isn’t supposed to be completed until 2026. 

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