Bill Belichick is not having a great week. 

His New England Patriots host the Tampa Bay Bucs on Sunday Night Football, and the whole world will be watching Tom Brady return to his old stomping grounds, this time as an opposing player. 

Oh, at some pioint in the first half Brady will complete a pass to become the all-time NFL passing yards leader.  He’ll do that right in front of his old coach.  In a Tampa Bay uniform. At the age of 44.  Just 8 months after he won another Super Bowl. 

Belichick will be watching the celebration on the field, and hear the roar of the crowd, and hell be left to his thoughts of “why did I let him go at the age of 42?”

Belichick gets a lot of credit for being a good coach, not so much for being a good guy. And the grumpy, condescending coach with a losing record in the NFL as a head coach without Tom Brady playing quarterback for him has been bombarded with questions all week long about his relationship, and breakup with Brady. 

And to make Belichick’s week even longer, a new book written by Seth Wickersham of ESPN called “It’s Better To Be Feared,” is coming out soon, and excerpts released do not paint a glowing picture of Belichick. 

Patriots owner Robert Kraft called the coach the “biggest f——ass—-in my life.”

Kraft also called his coach an “idiot savant.”

Belichick has spent a good portion of his week squirming at a press conference podium. He’s been bombarded with questions about his relationship with Brady since the book excerpts came out.

Reporters have grilled him all week, asking why he didn’t say goodbye to Brady or thank him in person.  Brady wanted an in-person meeting, Belichick had not time for it.

Meanwhile, as he’s been squirming at the podium Belichick has had to do something he sure doesn’t seem comfortable doing; praise Tom Brady. 

Here’s some of the things Belichick has said, without any emotion, feeling or sincerity when asked to comment about Brady’s accomplishments. 

“Nothing Tom does surprises me. He’s a great player, works hard, takes care of himself. He’s talked about playing until 50. If anybody can do it, he probably can.”

Wait, there’s more. 

“Tom’s had an unbelievable career. There’s not enough superlatives and adjectives to compliment him on everything that he’s achieved and continues to achieve. It’s unbelievably impressive.”

And he’s not done. 

“He’s done more than any other player at that position in whatever measurement you want to take—whether it’s yards, completions, touchdowns, championships, you name it.”

If you’ve seen video clips, you might notice Belichick answers those questions with the same warmth and passion as he would if someone asked his opinion of the new salt shakers the Patriots’ kitchen staff is using in the team dining hall.

Sunday night should be fun!

**Click here for more on the Brady-Belichick reunion here on “SporTZ Now with Tom Zenner”       on Valuetainment Sports..

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