Those sweet kicks that you saw Michael Jordan rocking in “The Last Dance” are not a friends and family exclusive after all.

The Jordan Brand’s “Jordan Centre Court,” a clean low-top sneaker, caused a sneakerhead buzz when all of the nation seemingly took a pandemic mind break to tune into the ESPN docuseries that chronicled Jordan’s final Chicago Bulls championship series.

The smooth white-leather shoe is available in time for Christmas shopping through Nike SNKRS Japan, but a pair will run you $159. Jordan donned the simply styled shoe as he sat for interviews on “The Last Dance,” where it caught eyes despite restricting branding to “Air Jordan” on the grey suede tongue and the “Air Jordan” wings logo on the heel overlay.

The shoe, biting off the look of Air Jordan 1 Lows, looked like it would be limited to a select few when pairs were sent earlier this year to influencers and celebrities, including streetwear icon Edison Chen.

There will be two other “Jordan Centre Court” versions, also mainly white, that will have red or gold accents.

This might be the simplest “centre court” look since the Stan Smith low-cut Adidas hit center court in the tennis world during the 1970s.

The $159 might seem like a lot of jack for some fresh sneaks, but consider that someone just shelled out $615,000 at a Christie’s auction for some old, tattered sneaks – the signed pair of Air Jordan 1s that Jordan wore in the “Shattered Backboard” game.

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