In this episode of The Unusual Suspects, the crew delves deep into the intricate backdrop of the protests engulfing college campuses, revealing unexpected glimmers of hope as fraternity members, or “mighty chads,” take a stand to protect America’s future. They also explore the intriguing mystery surrounding an ancient alien satellite purportedly orbiting Earth for millennia. Plus, showing love for Ron DeSantis for his implementation of some common sense policies in Florida. Lastly, they touch upon a topic deemed too controversial to explicitly mention in the description.

00:00 – Intro
03:13 – Showing Love for Ronny D
24:19 – Black Knight Satelite
41:45 – Frat Boys Saving America
55:12 – What are the Gaza Protests Really About?
1:13:46 – Lawsuits Over the “Cookie Shot”
1:30:00 – Outro

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