Many Gen Z kids are just wired a little bit differently.  They aren’t big fans of working from an office.  They will switch jobs in a heartbeat if they choose to, and they certainly aren’t shy about outrageous requests of their elders. 

Dre Greenlaw is a rookie linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, and on Sunday, he accomplished a dream; intercepting a pass from Tom Brady. It was a moment he will never forget, and to make it even more special, he had the gall to walk up to Brady after the game and ask him to sign the pigskin. 

Now keep in mind that the Bucs just got humiliated on national television, losing 35-7.  Brady is one of the greatest and most fierce competitors in the history of team sports, and he just got crushed in his hometown.  

Monday, the GOAT was asked about it on his “Let’s Go!!” podcast.  Joining him were guests Adam Sandler, Bill Burr, and Tracy Morgan. 

“It was s–t for me, to be honest. It was complete s–t. But I try to be a gentleman,” he joked to the comedians.  No doubt he kept it all in stride and realized it did take some guts for Greenlaw to do that.

Brady actually did sign the ball. 

“No, actually, I mean, look, it was a great play he made. I’m happy he’s got the ball. I wish I didn’t throw it but I’m trying to be a good sport. Because a lot of times I’m not a good sport. I can be a pretty bad sport. In the moment when they get me in the right frame of mind I’m actually a good sport.”

Sandler told Brady he didn’t have much choice, considering the whole world was watching.

“You looked good. You looked like you meant it. You liked nice, Tommy, when you were signing the ball. There were a lot of cameras on you, too. You were forced into that one.”

Brady threw two interceptions Sunday. Tashaun Gipson picked off the other. He didn’t ask for Brady’s autograph.

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