Joe Biden has a reputation for being extraordinarily awkward and borderline creepy when he’s in groups of people as it pertains to doling out affection. It must be a Biden thing because Tuesday night, during the State of the Union Address, Biden’s wife Jill was seen kissing Kamal Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, on the lips. Yeah, it looked about as weird as it sounds reading it. 

Here’s how it went down. Jill was walking to her seat when she had to cross Emhoff. As she made her way across the row, she held Dougie Fresh’s hand for a second before the pair decided to take things a step further and lock lips. She then continued to scoot to her seat as she passed Bono (without kissing him) and Paul Pelosi (no kiss).

Social media is having a field day with it, of course. There is a debate as to whether it’s a “strategy,” where the sign of lustful affection must mean that Biden is in full support of his Vice President and plans on including her on his ticket if and when he runs for re-election next year. Seems like a long shot.  

Wouldn’t it have been easier for everyone if Biden had just told the media in a convincing tone that was his plan? Or send out a press release? Sending your wife out to covertly communicate with the American public through cryptic kissing does not seem especially Presidential.

There is no precedent for this bizarre behavior because our country has never had a “Second Gentleman” before. That’s Emhoff’s official title. 

Hillary Clinton did not land a wet one on Tipper Gore. There’s no video evidence of Laura Bush getting cozy with Lynne Cheney’s lips either. 

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