NYPD investigates a shooting and stabbing in Brooklyn
Photo: The Himalayan Times

Some good news out of Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s “safest big city:” 36 New Yorkers were shot in the past week, and 27 more were shot in the week before that.

There’s been no calls for gun control. No manufactured outrage. No social media solidarity. No viral tweets dripping with mainstream mantra as seen after every nationally headlined mass shooting.

There never is. The countless lives lost to gun violence daily in NYC, in Chicago, and in Philadelphia–to name a few cities–was never part of the agenda. Crime in inner cities is business as usual, never makes the news as the national crisis that it is, and doesn’t evoke enough emotion for tv ratings and internet clicks. Mass shootings do, and are used as a weapon to further the quest to keep guns out of reach of law abiding citizens. 

The gun control laws in New York City are ridiculously strict–so strict that the process to obtain a license or permit is next to impossible–yet all of these shootings are carried out by criminals who cannot access guns legally.

Yet tighter gun laws are needed to stop gun violence, echo the masses.

Shootings in gun control-happy NYC had skyrocketed by 95% last year compared to 2019. There were 777 shootings throughout the 5 boroughs in all of 2019. There were an alarming 1,531 in 2020, with homicides up by 45%. 

But “we are the safest big city in America,” DeBlasio said in February, apparently surrounded by rainbows and butterflies that only he can see. “We will continue to be.”

Locally televised programming and people like AOC blame “the pandemic” to deflect from the fact that the handcuffed and vilified NYPD–and cops nationwide–are no longer allowed to do their jobs.

Police being proactive in communities ravaged by violent crime and courts enforcing sentencing for gun violence–and even possession–are reasons why gun activity remained low under Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg–not gun control itself. The unraveling of both of these under DeBlasio sharply correlate with the skyrocket in gun violence being seen this past year.

In the 2000s, being caught with a gun in NYC was almost always a guaranteed trip to Riker’s Island. Being caught with a gun today means you could be back out in the street tomorrow–with no bail, thanks to Andrew Cuomo’s bail reform law.

Criminals are even given movie and Mets tickets and other incentives for appearing in court, and DeBlasio expressed delight for this farce of a program funded by taxpayers. Crooks are so worthy of doggie treats that genius DeBlasio rounded up a group of civilians–known as “Violence Interruptors”–to take the place of the NYPD in handling of street beefs with the tender loving care so desperately needed. 

Handling the situation on your own is the better option–not cops–says the brilliant Mayor Warren Wilhelm, also known by New Yorkers as the legally renamed DeBlasio. His wife, Chirlane McCray, recently advised New Yorkers to “intervene when witnessing hateful violence” against Asians. “Respond directly to the aggressor or physically intervene and only after assessing the situation,” she tweeted.

The last time a woman took this advice last July, she was shot dead by a ruthless thug over a fireworks dispute. And not a peep from the mainstream media, just a lame condolence given by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams who reiterated DeBlasio’s “handle it yourself” guidance to New Yorkers last summer, to which the shooting victim unfortunately followed:

“…go talk to the young people or the people on your block who are using fireworks” to avoid “heavy-handed policing,” Adams had said during a press conference. “We want a good community response to dealing with a nuisance. This is a nonviolent act. So those three numbers that we all dial, 911, get over that.”

DeBlasio and his minions are the pronoun-donning Alices in Wonderland living in a ritzy alternate universe built by the $850 million of taxpayer’s money that DeBlasio and McCray magically “lost” through her mental health program (and were never held accountable for).

Many New Yorkers laugh at DeBlasio and McCray’s ridiculous words of an encouraging and unicorn 5 boroughs and wonder if it’s because they’re sitting so high on the pile of stolen millions that their vision is clouded– literally. It’s easy to say “New Yorkers don’t live in fear” when you’re not dodging bullets and being guarded 24 hours a day by the very police force you and your wife have defunded. 

Where exactly did that $850 million go, Mr. Wilhelm? To Robinhood and Ameritrade investments? To the lawless thugs tearing down statues and looting small businesses? To the four homes bought by the BLM co-founder

And with Wilhelm on the way out of Mayoral office and the high probability of another delusional Wilhelm on their way in, the putting-criminals-first era will only further contribute to more gun violence. These shooters are emboldened. They get out of jail with no bail. They’re equipped with Violence Interruptors. And they’ll probably get tickets to a Knicks game. 

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