What do you do if you are driving on a freeway, and an armored vehicle dumps “a large sum of money” all over the road?  Well, in the case of a bunch of people in San Diego, you pull over, start scooping up the free cash and act like you won the lottery. 

Wrong move according to the California Highway Patrol, and they are actively looking for the drivers who scooped up some of the loot.  The problem is they broke the law, and the FBI is involved now too. 

They’ve posted images on social media to determine the identities of those who took the money and ran. 

Witnesses who saw it happen said there were thousands of dollars up for grabs. Here’s what Travis Fisher said. 

“I see all these things floating around and I realize it’s money. It was pretty crazy. Just everywhere, there was a sea of bills, everywhere.”

Two people have already been arrested on suspicion of taking some money because of something stupid they did. They locked their keys inside their car as they were grabbing handfuls of cash. 

The money truck was on it’s way to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) when one of the doors popped open. 

Word is spreading fast in Southern Cal that authorities are looking for the people who took some of the money, and many have come to police stations to return what they took. 

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