Apple enthusiasts might already be starting to line up at Apple stores, as brand new iPhone models are set to be announced during a media event on Tuesday. 

Tech reporters are clamoring to try to out-scoop each other on what the company will reveal Tuesday, but the latest rumors regarding details of the new phone are trickling out. 

It’s expected that Tim Cook will announce four new iPhones. One is the iPhone 133 mini, the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

Don’t expect any earth shattering design changes, as most tech experts that follow this anticipate the phones will look similar to the 12’s. The differences will be in features. One improvement is a faster processor, improved camera capabilities and the one thing everybody wants; better and longer battery life. 

David McQueen is director of market research for ABI Research. Here’s what he told CNN about the launch. 

“Apple clearly doesn’t have to do much. Despite the relatively high price points, consumers will still buy and upgrade to Apple products, partly because of brand strength and the quality of the products, and partly because they have already invested heavily in the Apple ecosystem.”

Regarding the cameras, the new line of iPhones are rumored to have a couple rear camera lenses that are placed diagonally.  

Other reported upgrades potentially could include enhanced satellite technology to send messages in emergency situations, as well as an improved 5G chip. 

Observers are thinking new and improved AirPods and Apple Watches could be part of the big reveal in Silicon Valley Tuesday. 

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