In the wake of Volkswagen’s prank about rebranding itself “Voltswagen,” for electric vehicle promotion, questions of whether VW will move toward manufacturing Apple’s EV have arisen.

The analysts at Wedbush put two and two together and feel the green, new attitude makes the German carmaker the right fit for Apple.

The EV revolution is real, and it’s no secret anymore.

“VW is the most likely EV partner for Apple as Cupertino goes through the EV dating game and likely picks its strategic EV partner by the summer time frame for the Apple Car,” Wedbush analysts have been quoted as saying.

The talks with Hyundai, Nissan and others found no ultimate traction and, according to an story, it was believed Apple would turn to a contract manufacturer such as Foxconn. 

The Apple Car is being developed and is targeted for a 2024 or later release, AppleInsider recently reported. 

The project has reached a point at which it must determine what carmaker can handle the production process most effectively. 


The company forecast e-vehicle deliveries of around 450,000 for 2021 – just short of Tesla’s 495,000 total over the whole of 2020. 

“VW is doubling down on its EV initiatives for the next decade as the European auto stalwart unveiled its plans to build six ‘gigafactories’ in Europe by 2030 with a total production capacity of 240 gigawatt hours per year,” Wedbush analyst Dan Ives said in a note. 

So, is VW close to embracing the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” philosophy?

As Reuters reported in February, Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess said he’s “not afraid” of an ‌‌Apple Car‌‌ and that Apple will not be able to overtake the $2 trillion automobile industry overnight.

A partnership is surely worth discussing, it seems.

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