America’s Biggest Mistake: Promoting The Morals of The Victim Over The Hero

America is turning complainers into heroes.

America was founded on very different principles and morals than we see in our society today. You look around you, and you wonder how we managed to reach such a low point in our nation’s history.

It seems like all we see on TV and the mainstream media these days are people who are glorified for complaining. People are going viral for the silliest things. Then other people, including our children and the future generation of America, see it and want to mimic their actions since it was such a “success!”

We have lost perspective of who the real heroes are.

Most people want to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous because it is a very desirable one. Entrepreneurs and the wealthy are not your enemies. Envy, victim mentality, and laziness are. Unfortunately, it seems that these days society and the mainstream media are making wealthy people out to be villains.

Is it not the goal of most to at least attempt to be successful in life? Of course, we all define “success” differently, but many people won’t say no to living a life of luxury if given the chance…

Part of what the American Dream has always stood for is having the opportunity to be successful, wealthy, and better than you started. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness… right?

Our society today is painting out the wealthy as though they are some sort of “villains.”

We went from being the best hero-making machine country in the world to now being the best villain-making machine in the world and turning complainers into heroes.

It’s very important that whomever you choose to paint as “number one” in your life is truly respectable and of a moral character you admire.

We really have to think about why we choose those we admire in life as our idols or role models.

Just because somebody is famous or notable does not make them great or worthy of admiration.

In today’s video, Patrick Bet-David talks about how America can improve on the heroes we create.

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