There are tens of millions of employees who would not feel it was appropriate, professional, or smart to stop working in order to make a point about all the things they hate about the company that pays them to do a job. 

And there are also employees of Amazon. 

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A group of about 1,920 employees total — and 900 in the Seattle corporate office of Amazon — are staging an organized walkout to express their frustrations. These people are not pleased with so many things, but mainly the fact that they are required to work in the office again now. They also are bummed about recent layoffs at the company, and Amazon’s environmental decision-making and impact is what has really made the entitled workers head for the exits for the big walkout. 

Here is part of a tweet from Amazon Employees for Climate Justice (kudos for giving themselves an impressive-sounding title).

“As AECJ, we’re walking out to tell leadership that climate action cannot be sidelined. When will Amazon have all electric vehicles? When will it stop building pipelines for data centers? When will there be a real plan to reduce emissions instead of increase them every year?”

Here’s the best part — Amazon has already publicly stated in their annual statement to investors that they plan on having 100,000 electric delivery vehicles by 2030, and their goal is net-zero carbon by 2040. 

Not good enough for the workers! They demand more — specifically zero emissions by 2030. 

On top of the walkout, the workers also have other “demands.” One is that Amazon puts climate at the forefront of decision-making. Oh, they want to stay in their pajamas all day too.  Another demand is for the company to embrace the “new reality of remote and flexible work.”

So, what happens next? Amazon told the Associated Press, “We respect our employees’ rights to express their opinions.”

Do you know what else a strong, successful, and relatively ruthless company like Amazon respects? Their option to include some or all of the employees walking out on Wednesday to their next round of corporate cuts.

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