Amazon unveiled new products Tuesday at a live streamed event as the company continues to look for new ways to integrate their products into consumer’s ecosystems.  The new batch unveiled at the event included an Echo device that acts as a digital whiteboard for the entire home.  

There was a new Ring security device that monitors what’s going on on your property. 

And it’s 2021, and every tech company wants consumers to know about their robot fetish, including Amazon, so they showcased their new robot equipped with cameras that navigate your home when you’re not there. It’s called Astro. 

The focus for Amazon is to provide products that interact all over your house. 

Here’s what  research director Jonathan Collins told CNN.  

“Smart home potential extends well beyond where we are today. Not every new Amazon product category can be successful and many are dropped quite quickly, but it is clear that Amazon is continually trying new product ideas to see where there is demand and where it can create additional value to further strengthen its relationship with consumers.”

Now, about that robot named Astro. It uses AI and mapping technology to navigate the house. There are cameras all over the robot which records everything it sees so owners can check in on elderly relatives, pets, or kids while they are away. 

Astro is not cheap, it goes for $999 and will be available before Christmas. 

If you’re a fan of Google Nest, Amazon unveiled a competitor that is 1/3 of the price. It’s called Amazon Smart Thermostat, and it will learn our habits to automatically make adjustments to your home’s temperature. 

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