An AI bot is running for office in a United Kingdom (UK) Parliamentary election. Named “AI Steve,” the bot will inform Sussex-based businessman Steve Endacott, who will be the “body” standing in for the bot, on all policy decisions, and the bot is programmed to support pro-migrant and pro-LGBT legislation. “AI Steve is the AI co-pilot,” Endacott explained in an interview. “I’m the real politician going into Parliament, but I’m controlled by my co-pilot.”

The web page for the UK Parliamentary election in the Brighton Pavilion constituency confirms this, listing “AI Steve” as a political independent. Its profile reads, “Steve Endacott, a Sussex Entrepreneur, has created many of the initial policy ideas and will “physically” attend Parliament to vote on policies as guided by AI Steve’s feedback from his constituents.”

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“AI Steve was created to ensure that the people of Brighton and Hove had 24/7 access to leave opinions and create policies,” the profile continues. “Policies for the People by the People!”

It lists out the bot’s stances, also listed on the bot’s website, as follows:

  • Good ideas – Adopt the best policies of other parties.
  • Regenerate High Streets – Levelling up Tax on Google and Online Retailers.
  • Green Credentials – Practical Green Policies.
  • Immigration – Inviting those we need to support the economy.
  • Education – Cut University fees by 50%
  • Housing – Increase affordable housing.
  • Welcome all Support LGBTQ+ and diversity causes.

Endacott serves as the chair of Neural Voice, a developer of personalized voice assistant for AI machines. AI Steve is one of seven AI products made by Neural voice. Endacott says the idea behind the AI was for an ever-responsive politician that could answer questions and consider their perspectives in its decision-making. The bot will perform internet research if it does not have a ready-made opinion on a particular issue.

Shane Devine is a writer covering politics and business for VT and a regular guest on The Unusual Suspects. Follow Shane’s work here.

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