While Joe Biden continues to take heat from all directions for his complete ineptitude dealing with the Afghanistan crisis, numerous companies are stepping up to try to help where they can. 

Airbnb has pledged to provide free housing for 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan.  The company did not say how long they would be housed, or exactly where, but they are working closing with the nonprofit arm of Airbnb.org, which in the past has provided housing to people in need after natural disasters. 

Here’s part of a post on Twitter from CEO Brian Chesky.

“The displacement and resettlement of Afghan refugees in the US and elsewhere is one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time. We feel a responsibility to step up.”

With the Taliban in charge, tens of thousands of people have been trying to flee the country. Many are coming to the Kabul airport, hoping to get on evacuation flights operated by the U.S, UK and other countries. 

According to reports, Joe Biden has decided he would not extend an August 31 deadline to remove all the American troops and allies from Afghanistan.

The Taliban had earlier said that they would accept “no extensions to the deadline.”  They said the would not allow Afghans to leave the country. 

A very troubling report from the UN High Commission depicts executions of civilians throughout the country, and restrictions women’s rights as the Taliban tightens their grip. 

Michell Bachelet told CNN this on Tuesday. 

“Many people now fear reprisals by the Taliban against those working with the government or the international community; people who have worked to advance human rights and justice; or those whose lifestyles and opinions are simply perceived to be opposed to the Taliban ideology. 

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