In the year or so that Joe Biden has been President, Republicans and Democrats can both agree that there’s been no shortage of weird things the Prez has done and said. 

Awkward, corny, confused, odd; all words that have been attached to some of Biden’s not-so-proud moments. 

Add one more word to that list; confounding. On multiple occasions, Biden and his administration have essentially acted like Tesla does not exist. He’s snubbed Tesla, it’s part of Biden’s shtick, and fans of Tesla have apparently had enough. 

They launched a petition one Saturday that calls for Biden to at least acknowledge Tesla’s leadership in EV.  Maybe mention once that the company has been at the forefront of the electric car revolution.  It specifically alleges Biden has been unfair by praising Ford and GM for their EV work and dissing Tesla every chance he gets. 

By Tuesday, the petition had almost 40,000 signatures. 

The question many ask is, why does Biden continue to do this? Simple, because unlike the companies he frequently praises, Tesla is non-union. 

Here’s some wording from the petition. 

“The White House and the Biden Administration have intentionally been trying to ignore Tesla’s hard work while propping up GM and others as ‘EV Leaders. This is an insult to the Americans who work for Tesla.”

Evidence exists that would show the Biden snub is not a conspiracy theory. In August, Biden brought GM, Ford, and Stellantis to the White House for an EV event. Tesla wasn’t there. 

Biden has visited GM and Ford factories. He’s driven their electric pickup trucks. 

The scoreboard shows that this is a partisan issue. Tesla delivered 936,172 vehicles in 2021. Ford and GM aren’t close to being in that league yet. 

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