Aaron Rodgers plays for an old school NFL team in the small town of Green Bay, Wisconsin, but the star QB is ultra modern in how he wants to be paid. 

The reigning NFL MVP announced that he’s partnering up with Cash App and turning part of his salary into bitcoin.

Rodgers was still rocking the John Wick Halloween costume he seems abnormally obsessed with, and was sipping on some sort of drink as he talked about the crypto. 

“Bitcoin the moon.  That’s why I’m pumped that I recently teamed with Cash App. They have enabled me to take part of my NFL salary in Bitcoin for the very first time.”

That’s cool. Now that one of the biggest stars in the league is singing the praises of bitcoin, it might become trendy for other players to do it.  Tom Brady has embraced crypto too. He talked about his plan to give a bitcoin to the fan who gave back the ball from Brady’s 600th career touchdown pass. 

Rodgers is all about bitcoin this week.  He also announced he’d be giving $1 million in bitcoin away to his fans as part of a promotion with Square’s mobile payment service. 

Maybe even Jake from State Farm will get a little crypto love from his buddy. 

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