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In this video, I do something different. Today you’ll hear from my wife. Yes, my wife is going to talk to you about what it’s like to be married to an entrepreneur.

Here are, from my wife’s perspective, 12 things women need to know when dating or married to an entrepreneur.


#1: Be Patient – 1:59

#2: Don’t Argue in Front of Others – 2:40

#3: There Will be Some Spontaneous Moments – 3:34

#4: Know There Will be Peaks and Valleys – 4:34

#5: Commit to Personal Development – 5:30

#6: Spice Up Your Intimate Life – 6:23

#7: Don’t Try to Control Them – 7:08

#8: Applaud Their Achievements and Praise Them – 7:32

#9: Lead the Schedule – 8:13

#10: Know How to Deal with Critics – 8:42

#11: Don’t Feed into Their Anger or Frustration – 9:56

#12: Learn More About Their Business. How Can You Help and Be Involved? – 10:37

Jennifer ended this video by sharing a few points focused on the entrepreneur’s side of things and what they need to if they want to be supported by their significant other in what they’re doing. 11:12

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