Have you heard of Scriber? Don’t worry, nobody heard of OnlyFans in its early days either, but it’s turned into a phenomenon that’s made a lot of ordinary (and some very beautiful and freaky) people rich in the process. 

Scriber might be the celebrity version of OnlyFans, and the Jonas Brothers are on board to help launch it to their fans. 

“Playing Field” newsletter showcased a story in Axios that explains how Scriber will allow celebs to monetize content with their fans by charging for exclusive content via text messages. 

Here’s the strategy behind It; Scriber will allow Hollywood to bring the subscription economy into their ecosystem and avoid intermediaries.  In other words, Big Tech companies like Twitter, TikTok, and others. Because Scriber is launching via SMS messaging, they don’t pay commission fees to Apple and Google’s app stores. 

Who will be able to use it? Not the former Hooters waitress who sets up a ring light in her guest room.  This will be reserved for pros and celebrity creators with enormous followings: athletes, actors, rock stars, musicians, and influencers. 

Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas are on board as investors and content creators. The fans the creators will target are super fans, the top 1-5 percent of their fan base. 

 Here’s what the CEO of Scriber told Axios. 

“You’re targeting the little community of super fans who want either more of what you’re already doing or they want to see something that only subscribers will get to see.”

Let’s do some quick math to show how this could potentially be huge for big celebrities. The Jonas Brothers have 50 million  Instagram subscribers. If 1% of them subscribed to their Scriber account, the brothers are banking $30 million. 

The Jonas Brothers will be donating 50% of their earnings to charity.  But they will still have enough left over to split a newfound revenue stream of a million dollars a month. 

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