If you have it all easy you will often be tempted to feel too entitled. Your unfair sense of entitlement will grow into pride and you will start to look down on those whose success is underway. We all have different paths in life, and I am not saying that to encourage you to laze about and do nothing, because that is one sure way to fail. The truth is some of us will have it earlier, and better than others in life to some extent. Some will put in little effort and see the biggest results where others would do the same and have to do it again and again. Some people are fooled into thinking this is life’s punishment, but it is more about preparation and the process. Some who get it right at once are building upon generations of preparation.

I am telling you from experience that failure is a path of life’s journey. If you have not failed at anything, you have simply not tried anything. It is as good as that and if you must succeed, you must fail at some point. At the time of your failure in any aspect of your life, you would feel the world breaking apart and crashing to pieces. You will hear the naysayers booing at you. You will feel at some point that you can’t even get anything right. It will be hard, complicated, and to say the least, miserable. It is at this point in your life that you have to be strongest. Summon your heart, nerve, and sinew to keep moving and keep pushing. These are the times that will test you to the core, but at the same time, they are the times that will make you a complete man. It may not be a failure in your case, but a sheer inability to live the life of your dreams no matter how hard you work. You may start to think, why is that guy making it so big? I can assure you, however, that a hard small beginning will lead to a great big end with persistence and focus. The moment you start to think about the other guy on your journey to success, you will start to derail. It is about you and how much you are prepared to move and to press on. You can be inspired by the achievements of others, which is a great feeling and something I encourage everyone to cultivate. You can also learn the great mentally and emotionally beneficial practices of others, but aside from those do not for once take build up negative energy just because of the other person. Remember you are the captain of your sheep, and if it ever sails downwards, you’d have yourself to blame.

Be resolved and resolute. A hard beginning is a sign of a good ending, hence we often say that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and silver linings in the dark cloud. These tough times are meant to prepare you for the better and brighter days ahead. It is your ability to stay focused, unperturbed, and mentally jazzed-up that will propel you through your present tough and trying times, and take you to that place of your wildest imagination. Be strong folks! Be courageous! Tough times make tough people because while those tough times do not last, it takes tough people to survive through the tough times and emerge victoriously. Your hard beginning is your time of work and labor, so do not give a damn if you have got no friends, and each day seems worse. In so far as you have identified your goal and you are working towards building yourself in that direction, it only takes that next act of persistence, patience, and discipline to get to the most revered top. You will get there in a bit if you don’t give up.

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Inspired For Change
Inspired For Change

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