Lunden Roberts, a native of Batesville, Arkansas, gained public attention for her role as the mother of Hunter Biden’s daughter, Navy Joan Roberts. She met Hunter while working as a dancer in Washington D.C. and later pursued legal action for child support. Lunden, a former basketball player and student of forensic investigation, is now engaged to MMA fighter Princeton Foster and has written a tell-all book about her experiences with Hunter Biden.
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00:00 – Lunden Roberts Intro
03:50 – Show Intro
04:20 – Patrick welcomes Lunden Roberts – the mother of Hunter Biden’s 5-year-old daughter
05:48 – Lunden discusses how she met Hunter Biden
10:14 – First Impression of Hunter Biden
17:14 – Hunter High vs Hunter Sober
19:45 – When the relationship became physical
22:59 – Hunter’s relationship with Joe
26:26 – Was she Hunter’s girlfriend?
30:55 – How she told Hunter she was pregnant
40:06 – The relationship changing after she told Hunter she was pregnant
55:53 – Child Support
59:04 – Did she give Hunter a Heads up About the Book
1:04:20 – Has Joe Biden reached out?
1:06:26 – Her impression of Joe Biden
1:16:35 – Did Hunter Have Anyone To Trust?
1:25:50 – Ashley Biden’s diary

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