Being delusional can work if your talent level is so superior that it supersedes the negatives. But if you are delusional and past your prime, there will be issues. Russell Wilson is about to find that out in Denver because there’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Sean Payton, and he’s not a fan of people putting themselves above the team. 

Wilson was traded from Seattle to Denver last year in a blockbuster deal, and his first season with the Broncos was so disastrous that he got his head coach fired. Payton, the most sought-after coach this off-season with a Super Bowl-winning pedigree, is already restoring order in Colorado when it comes to Wilson. You see, Wilson is what you call a prima donna. Insufferable to the max, he believes hanging with commoners like his teammates is beneath him. He’s married to a D-list celebrity named Ciara, who, according to Wikipedia, is a singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, model, and entrepreneur.  My goodness, she must be busy. 

Wilson’s highlights last season included having his owner’s personal trainers. He refused to lift weights with the team. Instead of a locker, he has an office. That’s great for team chemistry. And he has a full-time chiropractor, which makes tons of sense. 

What Wilson doesn’t have is a clue. So Sean Payton will help him with that. Payton said this when he was told about his QB’s preference to get his pump on with trainers who don’t work for the Broncos. 

“That’s foreign to me. That’s not going to take place here. I’m unfamiliar with it, but our staff will be here, our players will be here, and that’ll be it.”

I’m officially a Broncos fan. I love drama. 

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