This image from The Border Mail depicts the relentless power of the Smartphone

According to a study, Americans have been using their cell phone internet more now than ever before, and pop culture figures have been reeling in the benefits.

Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Prince Harry/Meghan have many things in common: Publicity hoarding, zero contributions to society, serial narcissism, and little to no discernible talent, with uncanny ability to expose America’s obsession with celeb mediocrity. A quick analysis of their plethora of meaningless tea-time sessions reveals an elite PR machine fit for 100-year relevancy.

But their hired help isn’t the only one to blame– there’s actually a legitimate culprit: the Covid pandemic.

According to Open Vault’s analysis, 2020 internet data use erupted by 40% compared to 2019. That means more Instagram views, more gossip blog clicks, more shares, more exposure on every platform imaginable.

For the first time, as additionally noted by the study, key bandwidth and speed usage has sharply ascended, becoming what Open Vault has established as the “new normal.”

Looking to go viral? Spectators are readily available– and rapidly on the upswing.


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