In this eye-opening video, Patrick Bet-David discusses the story of the most successful Hedge Fund of all time. The Medallion Fund, founded and operated by Jim Simons.

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Today, Patrick is going to talk about this guy, the most envied fund manager of all time—possibly hated by a few people.

Here’s why.

In 1968, this guy is working for the NSA, gets fired from the NSA because he didn’t support the Vietnam War. He majors in math—everybody’s like why would you major in math? Later on starts a fund called the Medallion Fund. It does so well that eventually he’s like, “listen, all the other people that put their money in The Medallion Fund, give it all back. I’ll buy it from you.” And he only made it exclusive to his employees, didn’t make it available to the public.

And just to show you how confident he was with returns: if you would have put a dollar in 1988 in the S&P 500 versus Berkshire Hathaway and versus his fund Medallion Fund, where would that dollar have been in 2021?

In the S&P 500 your dollar would have ended up being $40 in 2021. That dollar in Berkshire Hathaway would have been worth $152 in 2021.

But that dollar in The Medallion fund from 1988 by 2021 would be worth $42,000—that’s a thousand times more than what it would have done in the S&P 500.

He just passed away earlier this year. We’re going to talk about his strategies. The question becomes what was unique about the technology the Renaissance technology that he built that everybody else wanted to know about? We’re going to talk about that today.

Watch the rest of the video to learn more about this fascinating figure.

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