Lab-grown meat, self-stocking fridges, and holograms will be mainstream by 2050…

Predictions suggest that self-driving cars and trips to mars could all become the norm by 2050.

A recent poll conducted with the help of 2,000 adults found one in five believe the majority of homes will have robots acting as housekeepers within the next 30 years.

Moreover, an expert on future tech says people will be ultra-sonically blasting their clothes clean, homes will feature waterless dishwashers, and families will think eating bugs for dinner is mainstream.

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Futurologist Dr. James Bellini, reveals his predictions for 2050…

Dr James Bellini a ‘historian of the future,’ is a thought-provoking speaker and moderator and a regular choice at top-level management conferences and business schools on every continent.

A graduate of Cambridge with a PhD from the London School of Economics and a respected TV broadcaster, he brings a strong focus on technological, economic and social trends shaping the world of tomorrow up to Horizon 2030 and beyond.

James has written many books and special reports and is a regular contributor to leading publications. He has also held senior executive positions in advertising and corporate communications and served on the European Advisory Board of the global future forum. He is a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

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20 CRAZY Technologies Predicted to be Mainstream by 2050

    1. Autonomous, self-driving cars
    2. Smart fridges that manage shelf life and restock themselves
    3. Water-less dishwashers
    4. Lab-grown meat
    5. Windows that tint automatically in the sunshine
    6. Holograms
    7. Robotic housekeeping
    8. Hoverboards
    9. “Healthy” junk food
    10. Flying cars
    11. A machine that can perfectly wrap anything you put in it
    12. Food that doesn’t go bad
    13. A foolproof pill to cure a hangover
    14. Chocolate that doesn’t melt
    15. Jet-packs
    16. Smell-o-vision
    17. A mirror to apply to make-up for you
    18. Ovens that plate up your food once cooked
    19. Augmented reality
    20. Light-based computer chips

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1 in 5 believe robots will be assisting with housekeeping in the MAJORITY of homes by 2050.

Kitchens Will Operate Without Water

Dr. Bellini predicts that kitchens will be able to operate almost entirely without water.

Instead, ultrasonic waves will be used to power dishwashers and washing machines will use high-tech beads to pulverize dirt.

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Households are likely to be using drones to restock their fridges, making trips to the supermarket unnecessary and non-existent for those who prefer to do their shopping online. While grocery deliveries are currently mainstream, trucks will seemingly be replaced by drones.

The question is, how will these drones carry tons of weight in food? That’s some pretty cool technology, however they manage to achieve it.

Technology & The Environment

Over 50% of respondents believe increased use of technology will help with environmental issues such as recycling effectively.

The research found that 1 in 6 people would also like homes to become more eco-friendly and sustainable.

More than a third (37%) are also looking forward to a future where apps can help with recycling, according to the OnePoll data.

Dr. James Bellini is working with the reuse and recycling platform Reward4Waste which commissioned the research.

A fifth of participants admit they often forget to recycle properly, and 56% think increased use of technology will help with environmental issues such as this.

“Technology can help. We’ve got to tackle things like how we produce our food, store it, transport it, and package it,” he said.

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“In 30 years or so, we will have vertical farms, and grow things upwards in towers.”

Dr. Bellini, also predicts that humanity will rely on farms that stretch upwards instead of outwards on sprawling fields.

“Another area is water – we’re going to be very short on water in the years to come, and according to some figures, 70% of all water used goes on farming. That’s 2.5 trillion cubic meters per year globally.

“Historians will look back and joke about how we used to grow all our food on horizontal planes when there is so much space to use up above.”


Automatic Recycling

“Well over half of us wish recycling was easier and 40% would like a bin that automatically separates recycling,” adds a spokesperson for Reward4Waste.

“It’s fascinating to speculate on what technological changes may lie ahead of us over the next few decades, some big and some small. But it’s fair to say most people agree a key concern is how tech can help us live more sustainable, eco-friendly lives, to extend our resources as long as possible.”

Book Your Trip to Mars

If you’ve ever had an inkling of desire to visit Mars, you’ll have the chance to make a temporary (or permanent) visit…

On the subject of running out of space on Earth, Bellini says the sky is the limit, literally!

“From about 2030 onwards you’ll see the Mars programs kicking in, and the possibility within that decade, men and women landing on Mars and creating self-sustaining economies.”

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