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No matter who you are, you have someone in your life telling you that competing is a terrible thing. They may say that it’s not good to compete, that it’s too much pressure to compete, and that competition is bad because someone has to lose.

But competition is one of the best things you see in business, sports, and many other aspects of life. And those who make it to the highest ranks are typically the most competitive people you’ll ever meet. So in this video I talk about 10 reasons to compete and why it’s important to compete in business.

#1: Competition Brings Out the Best in You 1:04

#2: Pain of Losing is a Great Motivator – 1:38

#3: Competition Keeps You Young – 3:01

#4: Distracts You From Problems in Your Life 3:32

#5: When You Compete You Build New Relationships 4:37

#6: Earn Respect 6:29

#7: Brain Gets Wired in Improvement Mode 8:06

#8: Fulfillment 10:34

#9: Attract Opportunity 11:40

#10: You Eventually Beat 95% of Your Competitors 13:13

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