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Video Time stamps:

00:10 #1. Your parents will generally give you the safer advice.

They’re struggling with you going from being a baby, living at home, to going and becoming an adult. That’s tough for them.

Go make your own mistakes.

Just don’t make the big ones.

00:22 #2. Always carry a condom.

Because if you get in the heat of the moment and you ain’t got a condom, you may find yourself saying: “Damn!” (Courtesy of The Biz Doc)

00:37 #3. Most of your current best friends in the world will just be acquaintances in no time.

You’ll be surprised at how new co-workers and mentors take their place.

00:44 #4. Some teachers have no clue what the hell they’re talking about.

Even the ones that look very smart.

00:56 #5. Bernie Sanders looks and sounds cool.

However, socialism, and communism does not work.

1:03 #6. Don’t waste mommy and daddy’s money on useless degrees.

Some examples are fine arts and philosophy.

1:09 #7. If someone hasn’t broken your heart yet, they will.

It’s a part of life it happens. You will be ok and it may actually be a good thing for you.

1:20 #8. Your metabolism will eventually get the best of you.

So remember that all this pizza, ice cream and junk food you can get away with today won’t process as fast forever. Look how many 30 and 40 year olds have “love handles”.

1:32 #9. If you’re still a virgin …you’re not the only virgin on the planet.
Just don’t stay a virgin until you’re 40 or they may make a movie out of you. 😉

1:48 #10. Life is very expensive.
Don’t let a boyfriend, girlfriend, teacher, anybody fool you that money doesn’t matter. Money definitely matters. Mortgage payments are expensive. Kids are expensive.Marriage is expensive. Everything’s expensive. Go make your money.

2:06 There are 5 decisions that every graduate will have to make

2:37 What I’ve been telling my kids for years (Life Principles)

Congratulations on graduating, go live a great life. -PBD

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