10 signs that you’re actually afraid of leading:

  • Fear #1: You are afraid of making a decision that the sole responsibility could end up being on you – God forbid, you make a decision, and it goes wrong. As a leader, you have to call shots. It doesn’t mean all of your calls is going to be good or bad, but your team’s going to respect the fact that you made the call in the first place. You execute and you take responsibility. Eventually, your percentage of making better decisions will get better. But if you’re afraid of actually calling the shots you’ll always be afraid. You will never lead a big crowd that way.
  • Fear #2: You tell a different story, or you spin the story in a different direction than what you initially said – Do not be worried about having real conversations. Be honest so you get the proper feedback.
  • Fear #3: You’re too much of a people pleaser – there are 3 different dynamics in business relationships to me. A dynamic of those above you, the dynamic of those on the same level as you and you have the dynamic of those below you that report to you. Too often, people who try and please everyone will get along with those who report to them as well as their co-workers but they’re not good with their higher-ups. That is a sign that you may never end up there because there is no understanding of where those higher-ups are at. But if your goal is to please EVERYONE, then you’re not a leader.
  • Fear #4: You escalate the problem instead of diffusing it – This person tends to the company’s time and money because they are afraid of handling an issue right then and there. You must be strategic in addressing and processing an issue.
  • Fear #5: You try taking credit for others’ work – If someone is a true leader, they will give credit to their other colleagues with confidence. You are about building others up.
  • Fear #6: You keep trying to deflect blame – someone has to take the blame and responsibility. None of us like to do it, but you know who takes it and moves on? Leaders take the hit. None of us like it, but it’s a sign of true leadership.
  • Fear #7: Fear of conflict – you must have tough conversations with employees, bosses and clients.
  • Fear #8: Fear of things getting ugly after the conversation – your approach is EVERYTHING. Every subject you talk about can go in many directions, but being kind is the best way of navigating any difficult conversation.
  • Fear #9: Your lack of understanding – You can only understand if you ask questions. Having a relationship with the individual is very important. Show understanding. Ask how you can help make their situation better. Find solutions and help your employees out.
  • Fear #10: You have a “ME FIRST” mentality – You need to think about your company/organization, first. Your staff has to come first before you. When you are leading your team, think about what is in the best interest to your staff, company and team before yourself.

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